Guitar Hero 4 Drums Revealed

Someone over at the Destructoid blogs just posted a scan of the latest issue of Game Informer magazine, revealing the drum set for Activision's upcoming increasingly erroneously named Guitar Hero 4. The set ups the ante over Rock Band, having only three pads and a petal but adding two dedicated cymbals to the mix. Feels like a case of "but ours goes to eleven" to me, but they had to stay competitive somehow I suppose. Hit up the link for slightly more information, but if you really want the full scoop, pick up the latest issue of Game Informer magazine.

The First Shot of the Drum Kit that will be used in GH 4 [Destructoid Blogs via Ars Technica - Thanks Matt!]


    It's good they're coming out with new stuff (sort of... this is awfully close to Rock Band in general), but personally I like the simplicity of Rock Band. Just a couple of buttons, all the same, and scrolling coloured notes telling you what to play.

    Then again, I like how to Rock Band guitar is different to the Guitar Hero guitar, so maybe I'll like these.

    What'll really matter with this game is not how similar or different it is to Rock Band, but when and if, they release it in more than just 3 or 4 countries, and the price. I wouldn't want the game to be rushed at the cost of quality, but in this situation it's good for everyone (except EA) that Activision has deep pockets and lots of human-power: Hopefully they can provide a little competition for Rock Band.

    Also, it'd be great to see some more fun, pop songs in this. There, I said it. I like music games but not just classic rock. I thought the track list in Elite Beat Agents was awesome.

    Rockband may be screwed for sales if GH4 is released first in Aus......

    if this isn't delayed 9 months like rock band, i'll buy it first just on principle.

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