Guitar Hero Expert Beats Dragonforce Record Score

What's your high score on Guitar Hero III's sore-finger finale "Through The Fire And The Flames?" At a 24-hour Guitar Hero marathon held by Blockbuster to benefit the nonprofit "Education is Freedom" children's charity, Grapevine, TX native Daniel Johnson blew away the Guiness World Record for a single-song high score.

Playing on Expert, no less, on an Xbox 360. So how many points, now?

Daniel scored 890,971 on the epic Dragonforce song, eclipsing the previous World Record set by Chris Chike by more than 10,000 points on his first attempt.

He didn't brag, though: "I'm glad that I had the opportunity to break the record and help people learn about Education is Freedom," said Johnson.


    I have a friend who can play this on a real guitar and he gets no credit for it. :(

    lol please like 10 people have already beaten that record not to mention that chris is now up to 975,412k sorry kid but your nowhere near the record :p

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