Guitar Hero: World Tour Priced; More Expensive than Rock Band

No official pricing info was included in the voluminous news release, but the Band Kit for Guitar Hero World Tour has been priced on Gamestop, which is (of course) also accepting pre-orders.

The PS3, Wii and 360 bundles will set you back $US 189.99. The PS2 bundle is 10 bones less, $US 179.99. Presumably these all include the game, guitar, drums and a mike. Gamestop just put the info up on its website, and Gaming Bits caught the scoop, noting that the bundle is $US 20 more than the Rock Band Special Edition bundle.

If you want to buy just the guitar and the game, you can get those for $US 99.99 and $US 59.99/$US 49.99 respectively. The release date is Oct. 27, 2008.

Guitar Hero: World Tour Priced at Gamestop [Gaming Bits]


    Thank you guitar hero world tour you just saved australia a whole lot of rock band crap. If anyone dosent know, australia still hasent gotten rock band and everyone was really pissed. It still isnt coming out till next year. But now guitar hero world tour is coming out before christmas. So, it takes over a year to get rock band here but guitar hero gets it over here almost the same time as america does. Thank you guitar hero.

    WOOO does anyone know the actual date of it released!!!??? in AUSTRALIA

    That means that the US price is $90 Australian dollars cheaper than the Australian $330 price ($261 US dollars) That sucks.

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