Guitar Hero World Tour Video Debut

Hearing about it is one thing, seeing it in action is another. Here is the debut trailer for Activision's strike back against Rock Band, Guitar Hero World Tour. It features drums, guitars, bass, and microphones, but these drums go to eleven. The trailer promises the largest set list ever, the ability to record and share your own single of the song you are performing, and a battle of the bands mode, but none of those are as exciting as the simple fact that the team behind Guitar Hero III is doing it. Anyone who has played guitar in both Rock Band and Guitar Hero knows that GH owns the guitar. Apply that same science to the drums and I just might be regretting I hopped on the Rock Band...bandwagon so soon, taking up all the space I have in my apartment for fake musical instruments.


    It will be nice if it actually comes out in Australia. I know Rock Band is *still* coming, but come on, how many NTSC to PAL conversions take this long?

    If this is out by the end of the week, I'll drop Rock Band, but otherwise, I'll be sending off an order for it pretty soon. They're gonna have to have something pretty good for me to wait for this. But hey, they've got the Non-North-American markets in the bag. I doubt this'll cost $380, and my guess is, it will actually BE RELEASED in more than 2 countries.

    i've said it before and I'll say it again, if this is released with no delay in Australia then I'll buy it over Rock Band just on principal. Australia and Europe shouldn't have to put up with such pointless delays.

    Activision has released guitar hero 3 last yr worldwide pretty much on the same day, or maybe within a week, it was close whatever it was. Hopefully they will do the same for this and if so it will outsell rock band over here by a huge margin.

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