Gundams That Could've, Should've Been

Somewhere along the line, Gundam missed out. Instead of the no-frills RX-178 Gundam Mark-II, there could've been much more. Like the boat-shaped Viking Gundam, windmill-bearing Nether Gundam or even the brilliant jester hat-shaped Jester Gundam. Me? I'm quite found of the Matador Gundam. That robo bull nose ring is spectacular.
Other Gundams [Neta via Danny Choo]


    Protip: It did exist. You can quite clearly see 'Mobile Fighter G Gundam' at the top of the MS Illustration page.

    Thats why it says 'TV Animation' right on the page...

    you can't be serrious kotaku. all of these WERE animated. Now I know why you're the king of all slowpokes

    These Gundams did appear on a show.

    G Gundam.

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