Handheld For Roguelikes Is A Great Idea

zday.jpgI had my PSP playing Angband for a few months, until my brother updated the firmware and I lost heart in the whole homebrew venture. If only there was a boutique manufacturer willing to build a handheld console dedicated to playing roguelike games such as Dwarf Fortress, ADOM and Nethack? Sadly, no such vendor exists, but that hasn't stopped BoingBoing from coming up with Photoshop prototypes.

From the post:

Some sort of UMPC or handheld console solution dedicated to one single purpose: Playing ASCII rogue-likes on the go. Everything has to be designed so you can play Dwarf Fortress or Nethack with the minimum amount of bullshit.

I know I'd buy one, but I know only one other person who would as well. Cool, yes. Profitable, no. Which is sad.

Who'd like a portable text game console? [BoingBoing, via Backstrip]


    The GP2x should satisfy your needs. Linux based and mostly used to run emulators I believe. No keyboard but it has a touch screen. There's even an Aussie distributor now.

    GP2x doesn't quite cut it, as these games have so many commands that they pretty much require a keyboard.

    It's not quite handheld, but wouldn't an Asus EEE do the trick?

    Hey, if Logan can play Angband on a PSP then a GP2x should be fine. The touch screen on the new models should allow a mini popup keyboard or icon bar or something to be programmed in.

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