Hands on with Hellboy: Science of Evil

My hands on with Hellboy: Science of Evil was a surprising experience. I wasn't expecting to like it much but it ended up being a pretty fun little action game experience. You play Hellboy, the demon with the sawed off horns and stone fist of fury. After discovering a Nazi plot to take over the world, Hellboy must hit the streets to keep them from fulfilling their evil plans. Co-op play is available through two additional characters, Liz and Abe who you might remember from the movie and comic books. It should be noted that the game is mainly based on the comics but there are elements room the movie such as character voices from stars Ron Perlman,David Hyde Pierce and Selma Blair. As an added bonus, the script for the game was penned by Hellboy creator Mike Mignola and movie director Guillermo del Toro.


    PSP, Xbox 360 and PSP?

    Don't you mean PS3?

    *Just checking*

    Does the game focus as a complete look at the Hellboy universe or just on a couple of comic book story arcs? Not that I'm complaining if it's otherwise. I've just been meaning to get my hands on some Hellboy stuff and been wondering where to start.

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