Here Are Your WiiWare Launch Titles

Here Are Your WiiWare Launch Titles

You want advance notice for your WiiWare games? You’re not getting any. The service is now up and ready for download (today being May 12 and all), and we’ve only just been sent the official list of launch titles from Nintendo. Interestingly, it differs slightly from the supposed list from late last week – which was based off Nintendo’s own promo video for the service – which showed Dr Mario as one of the launch titles. It’s not. There’s actually six games launching today, not five, and those six range in price from 500 Wii Points (Defend Your Castle) to 1500 Wii Points (Final Fantasy CC).

The six titles are:

Final Fantasy: 1500 Wii Points
LostWinds: 1000 Wii Points
Defend Your Castle: 500 Wii Points
Pop: 700 Wii Points
VIP Casino Blackjack: 700 Wii Points
TV Show King: 1000 Wii Points


  • Wait, wait, it’s out? Oh no, it isn’t, this is about the US release. How about adding a little note about that, this being Kotaku _Australia_ and all?

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