Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee 2 - More Tiny Golfing Goodness

Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee was one of the games I played the most during the early days of the PSP, so I am definitely looking forward to the sequel, coming out the June. The new version features online tournaments for up to 16 players, 12 challenging courses, and 24 different golfers with insane customisation options, which I really missed in the PlayStation 3 Hot Shots title. If you need more facts, hit the jump for a fact sheet, and help a little document fulfil its purpose in life.

Hot Shots Golf®: Open Tee 2 FACT SHEET

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc.
Developer: Sony Computer Entertainment Japan / Clap Hanz
Platform: PSP® (PlayStation®Portable)
Genre: Sports / Golf
Release Date: June 2008
Rating: "E" for Everyone

Developed by Clap Hanz, in conjunction with Sony Computer Entertainment America's Santa Monica Studios, Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee® 2 brings another chapter of the beloved Hot Shots franchise onto PSP® (PlayStation®Portable). Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee 2 adds six challenging new courses to test even the most hardened golf veteran, and 12 new characters are available to customise with hundreds of accessories. With the franchise's signature over-the-top visuals and pick-up-and-play action, fans of the series can once again look forward to hitting the links on the go with the most fun and wacky golf experience available.

Players will also have unmatched online access with robust Internet play available for players to challenge other Hot Shots across the globe in tournaments of up to 16 players. Additionally, players can tee-off locally with up to eight players via Match Play or head-to-head in Ad Hoc mode. Individually, players can test their prowess on the links with a number of single-player modes such as Challenge, training, and Stroke Play.

Online Golf Action - Tee off in tournaments of up to 16 players online and challenge others around the world for the Hot Shots title.
Ad Hoc Multiplayer - Players can engage in an eight-player Match Play mode or even hit the links one-on-one via Ad Hoc.
Exotic Courses - 12 challenging courses to conquer, with a mix of new courses as well as fan favourites from the past to challenge golfers of all levels. The environments will take players across tropical islands, vast desert plains, snow-capped mountains, and oceanfront views.

Crazy Characters & Caddies - Choose from 24 different playable characters and five different caddies, each with their own distinct look and characteristics that embody the fun and spirit of the Hot Shots franchise.
In-Depth Customisation - Customise characters with more than 300 different options, including clothing, hairstyles, shoes, clubs, hats, and much more. Successfully conquering challenges in the game will allow players to further upgrade equipment, allowing for more accurate shots, longer drives, and impeccable control.
Clothing & Accessory Attribute Boost - Incorporating special combinations of clothing and accessories will provide a unique boost to character attributes as well as overall fashion style.
Unlock A Variety of Equipment - Players can earn new clubs and golf balls throughout each match to execute more accurate shots, longer drives, tighter approaches, and pinpoint putts.
A Variety of Golf Outings - Multiple single-player and multi-player modes of play including VS Mode, Training Mode, Tournament Mode, Stroke Mode, Match Play Mode, and other challenging modes offer a diverse golfing experience for everyone.


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