House Introduces Video Games Ratings Enforcement Act, Virtual Rape Fans Worried

New legislation has been introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives that aims to enforce ESRB ratings with required age identification checks, reports Variety. The "Video Games Ratings Enforcement Act"—a bill introduced by Republican representative Lee Terry and Democratic representative Jim Matheson—would require video game retailers to display ESRB ratings and verify a customer's age when buying an M or AO rated title. Now that all our other problems are solved, we can finally ensure that kids will never get their hands on a copy of Manhunt or Pony Friends ever again. The final solution?

Retailers would be hit with a $US 5000 civil fine should they be found in violation of the act. Similar legislation has been attempted in Massachusetts, New York, Louisiana, California and beyond to hilarious, ruled as unconstitutional result.

Terry argued for the bill, saying that "In some games high scores are often earned by players who commit 'virtual' murder, assault and rape." Ah yes, the old "virtual rape" fantasy game. Glad to see this fiction still being tossed around by our elected officials.

Bill targets teen gamers [Variety - thanks, Carlos!]


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