How To Import Rock Band: An Australian Guide

How To Import Rock Band: An Australian Guide
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Another dose of Rock Band news, though this is of the awesome type. Well, the type that doesn’t involve delays or pushed release dates.

Kyle over at Canned Geek has put together a comprehensive guide on how to import Rock Band, if you can’t be arsed waiting for September (or October, if you live in NZ). According to the article, you can pick up the Rock Band bundle, including a second guitar, for $440.

As a bonus, the article includes info on how to fix the instruments (read: the crappy guitars) and steps to set up a US credit card to buy the extra songs from overseas.

Kotaku’s Luke Plunkett scribed a mini-guide for PAL residents looking to import the game back in February. Check it out for additional reading.

Your Guide To Importing Rock Band 2.0 [Canned Geek]


  • Good article (Gamestop ftw!), but from my reading of the PSN section, he has missed the other easy way of loading funds – pre-paid credit cards. $4.95 from Westpac, plus 1% foreign currency conversion fee.

  • We got ours from the Barnes and Noble website in the USA. $US204.98 delivered to Brisbane (so about $220 Australian).

    An absolute bargain.

    Had no problems doing the Entropay thing either. SOOOO much good content to download.


    Can you explain or give a link to how to purchase songs on the PSN using the Prepaid Credit Card option you say.

  • …Wait… wait a second… Did we hae a release date announced? September? Where?! I must’ve missed something huge. …oh. Tha’ts what EB thinks. Pssh.

    Also. THANKS. I’m literally about to order this game this week. This is helpful. Thanks to the commenters above me, too. Looks like I’ll be getting it from Barnes and Noble. I’ll have to borrow a credit card though…

  • Wicked, thanks for the linkage. And thank you Dallas for telling me about Barnes & Noble. What a fantastic price; $USD710 for a PS3, Rock Band and a second guitar. That’s awesome. I’ve updated the guide to suit. Thanks a million once again.

  • ok, ive had rock band for a while now (im an aussie and imported it), but i cant purchase any of the downloadable content. Everything in the store says “purchased” next to it, even though i have done no such thing. I tried registering as an american user, and when i do this, the content is all available, but i cannot use my credit card as it has an australian addy and wont let me proceed. Any ideas on how i get around this? Ta.

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