"Human Tetris" Game Show Comes Stateside

Remember the Japanese game show that featured a "Human Tetris" challenge? If not, you'll most likely see a local version of Tunnels no Minasan no Okage Deshita soon, as FreeMantle Media is bringing Hole in the Wall just about everywhere. The Hollywood Reporter writes that Fox will be bringing 13 hours of the game show to North American TVs next season, just one of over a dozen international versions of the concept.

The American version will add cash prizes, a potentially more dramatic fall and might switch up the "substance" that losing players fall into. I vote for a tub of slithering eels!

Fox's 'Wall' taking shape [The Hollywood Reporter]


    The TV show is also coming to Australia. I think it's a silly idea. I.E. taking a single segment from a Japanese variety show and creating an entire show/series revolving around it.

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