If The Cliffster Had A Nickel Everytime He Was Called A "Fag"...

The Cliffster has it rough, real rough. He makes big games like Gears of War 2. With big games comes big pressure and a big spotlight. What does The Cliffster think about that?

If I had a nickel for every time I was called a fag on the internet, I could retire. It's just the way the fans are sometimes; you do a good job and they'll hold you up in a chair and carry you through the streets. You screw up once and they'll be the first to tart and feather you, and that's the risk I take when I stick my neck out there.

That's The Cliffster, takin' risks, stickin' his neck out there, livin' on the edge. Dude.

The Cliffster Interview [CVG][Pic]


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