IGN "Crossed A Line" With GTA IV Hooker Shooting Clip

A clip recently posted to IGN titled "Ladies of Liberty City: Very Bad Things" featured a montage of some of Grand Theft Auto IV's more lewd and violent behaviour. A portion of that clip—perhaps the most objectionable portion—can still be seen at Gawker with the re-hosted full rip over at Boinkology. It can't be seen at IGN anymore, as the Fox owned entertainment site tells MTV Multiplayer "In this case, we crossed a line in how we portrayed some aspects of the game and we've taken this video down."

The full version of "Ladies of Liberty City" features GTA IV's Niko Bellic visiting one of the game's strip clubs The Triangle and receiving numerous private dances. He also visits two prostitutes, one of which an IGN employee runs down with a car, one of which he or she guns down. Classy stuff!

These portions of the game play a microscopic role in the Grand Theft Auto IV experience, but a strung together clip highlighting all of this nefarious behaviour was somehow deemed worthy of splicing together for the IGN readership. It may be in poor taste to some, but we think it's perfect fodder for the basis of a news report from IGN's parent company. Then everybody wins.

For more details on the situation, be sure to check out the MTV Multiplayer report.

IGN Yanks 'GTA IV' Sex And Hooker-Shooting Video [MTV Multiplayer]


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