Impress Your Friends With These Xbox 360 Grand Theft Auto IV Statistics

Hot numbers! We got hot numbers, folks, fresh from the Microsoft sales and marketing team! The company's Gamerscore Blog is stuffed with statistics, revealing that Xbox 360 console sales were up 54% during the week of Grand Theft Auto IV's release. Of the millions of copies of GTA IV sold, MS says that 60% of those were of the 360 persuasion. Take that, friendly competition!

In addition to sexy percentages, Microsoft has whipped out big, big numbers, including 1 million concurrent Xbox Live users, 12 million GTA IV Achievements and 2.3 million total players going online last week with Rockstar's latest. All those zeros! *pant pant* I need a cigarette, a Vitamin Water and a shower. For even more digits, hit up the official boast post or visit your local library.

Grand Theft Auto IV Statistics [Gamerscore Blog]


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