Itagaki Not Impressed With Devil May Cry

Team Ninja's top ninja Tomonobu Itagaki sure has opinions! Lots of them. Previously, he praised Rockstar's work on GTA IV and then crapped on his company's Ninja Gaiden Sigma. And now? Now, he offers his opinion on Devil May Cry and the franchise's creator Hideki Kamiya:

I think Kamiya-san makes good games. However, I think they, the systems, gameplay elements in his game tend to be rather shallow and he makes up with that through stylish presentation. I think if you were to compare them directly, the combat and other gameplay elements in Ninja Gaiden II are much deeper than projects that he works on.

...In my games its all based on a back and forth with the enemies, its very interactive. You feel like you're pushed to the brink but you manage to survive, the enemies are as out to get you as you are to get them. Whereas other types of action games, one of which being Devil May Cry, enemies exist there as objects on which you unleash your attacks.

Gotta give Itagaki this much: at least he's not boring!
Talking with Tomonobu [OXM Thanks, Hatchetforce!]


    Don't diss devil may cry before even trying it properly. Devil may cry 3's combo system goes further than any little ninja gaiden baby can think of. You can jump cancel out of aerial attacks and some ground attacks. In the middle of an aerial rave, you can press jump then Immediately after, attack, to reset your aerial animation before the last blow that hits the enemy away. Vergil can use his swords to float the enemy. his buffered spiral swords keep even a devil triggered enemy in place and float it while you can buffer up vergil's extremely powerful charge attacks. Watch some dmc3 combo videos before calling it shallow plz. Enemy as objects? 4 words: dante must die difficulty.

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