It's Sony Financials Time (incl. PlayStation Sales Data)

EA weren't the only company to release their financials today. Sony Corp did as well, and while these were results for the entire company, there were of course gaming-related numbers to be had amongst them. Overall sales for the PlayStation group were up 26% off the back of increased interest in the PS3, while the gaming division cut its losses from $US 232 million to $US 124 million (with forecasts it'll have gone into the black by this time next year). But hey, unless you're a Sony shareholder/raving-mad fanboy, that stuff's of secondary importance. Most of you will probably just want to know how many PS3s, PSPs and PS2s the company shifted last year.

As you can see, the PSP was Sony's biggest-seller for the year, moving 13.89 million units, with the PS2 not far behind at 13.73 million. The PS3 is obviously trailing, but at 9.24 million, is doing a lot better than this time last year. Software sales weren't so close, with the PS2 selling more than the other two combined, but then, with an installed base of well over 100 million that's to be expected.


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