Iwata Answers: More Wii Storage, Software, Public DS Play

Gamers frustrated with the lack of storage on the Wii may have a glimmer of hope, if we're reading Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata right. He endured the usual end of quarter question barrage from the financial community recently, revealing many a hint about the company's plans for the Wii and Nintendo DS. When asked by a storage capacity frustrated party about the Wii's meager internal memory, Iwata admitted that fans may have a right to complain.

"Because this small number of people are none other than the most avid players," Iwata said "we know we have to review the best possible solution to eliminate their inconvenience." USB hard drive support? That'd be nice! For more details from Iwata's Q&A, hit the jump.

With little in the way of announced titles from Nintendo themselves on the horizon, Iwata addressed concerns that the software well was dry. In short, expect Nintendo to keep its cards even closer to its chest.

Of course, we are preparing for a variety of software for the latter half of this year. However, we are now feeling that the speed at which new information is consumed and made obsolete has become quicker than ever. When I think of today's situation as a consumer, when I am exposed to new information too early on, I find that I am already tired of it when the product is launched. This is one of the reasons why we would like to keep news at bay until we really have to disclose them.

On the DS front, Iwata hints that we can expect more "public spaces" functionality from the handheld, also indicating that Nintendo has plans to generate some cash from said functions.

At the same time, we think it is necessary to increase the number of places where you can feel it more advantageous to bring your DS with you. This is a concept behind our idea of using DS in public spaces. Of course, we are not forgetting to consider it from a revenue source perspective, and they may be able to actually contribute to our financial results sometime in the future.

Iwata also reiterated that there are no plans for a price cut on the Wii, going as far to indicate that the business model is flawed.

If it is predetermined that the hardware price shall gradually decrease, then that model reiterates the notion that early purchasers will suffer a loss, which I do not believe is the right business model. I believe that something must be wrong if we conduct our business with the premise that we will need to cut prices of our hardware as time goes on.

The entire thing may not be worth a read for everyone, but if you're hungry for Iwata knowledge, many questions and answers await you. The man is as smart as a whip, plus his translations are so polite, it borders on rude not to read.

Financial Results Briefing Q&A [Nintendo Japan]


    I thought storage was the whole point of the SD card... Don't we already have it? Sure, you have to buy it, but they're damn cheap (I've sold them), and it doesn't seem like it's going to be *required* for any games, it's just if you want more room.

    ...Though I'm reading here it doesn't support SDHC. Which is the first I'd heard of it. Strange seeing the size PSPs can take. What's it limited to, then, 4 gig? 2? Either one sucks pretty bad, but a firmware update could fix it, I *think*. They could even include it on new game disks so we don't all have to download it.

    Personally I think it would be irritating the console didn't come with a memory card, but you don't NEED one, and I think it's GREAT that it uses a removable format that isn't proprietary (at least not to Nintendo, I mean).

    Point is, if they can just add SDHC support, everything can work out just fine. Hell, it could have more storage than the 'normal' Xbox 360.

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