Japanese Kids Bring Too Much Shit To School

To: Crecente
From: Ashcraft

Kid had a field trip today. So, it wasn't a regular day, but even on regular days, Mini-Bash is lugging a buncha stuff with him. Here's what I was told he needed to bring by his teacher: Two hats (one school hat, one outside hat), a thermos of tea, two pairs of shoes (one outside, the other inside), a hankerchief, a mat to sit on while outside, a towel, a packet of tissues, a towel to dry his hands while, a cup, a toothbrush, a bag for the cup and toothbrush, a lunchbox with packed lunch and his school name badge.

When I picked him up at school, the teacher told me I didn't need to pack his school attendance book because teachers don't check it when the kids go on field trips. :(

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