Kaz: "Customers Were A Little Underwhelmed" By PS3 Launch

The PS3 had a rough launch. No. Bones. About it. And we were tough on them! Last few months (from the launch of Uncharted and a version of CoD4 that was surprisingly excellent onwards), though, they've been picking up steam, and seem well on the road to recovery. First step down that road? Admitting past mistakes. Kaz Hirai told journos at the SCEE event today:

I think it's fair to say that the first year of PlayStation 3 was somewhat a difficult one. There were some teething problems, success from our competitors, and our customers were a little underwhelmed by the range of titles that were available.

Well, it's nice of you to admit it, Kaz. Onwards and upwards!
Hirai: PS3 "Underwhelmed" in Year-One [Next-Gen]


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