Kaz Says GTA Fans "Come Home" To PS3

More Kaz! Can you handle it? While hanging out at the SCEE event yesterday, Sony's Kaz Hirai spoke on the importance of GTA IV to the PS3, and whether or not he felt the game had been a factor in driving hardware sales. He didn't take the bait entirely, but couldn't resist having a nibble, telling VG247 that when it comes to Grand Theft Auto, a lot of people call the PlayStation home:

I think Grand Theft Auto, the franchise, has always been associated with the PlayStation platform first and foremost, and so I think consumers are coming back again.

They had previous versions of Grand Theft Auto on previous [PlayStation]platforms, so it's always good to come home to PlayStation 3 as well, I think.

He goes on to say that "based on the numbers" he's seen thus far, the PS3 version of the game's done quite well for itself. How well? No idea. They're Kaz's numbers, and as such, are top secret.
SCEE PlayStation Day: Kaz Hirai interview [VG247]


    hahahha come home to your Bricked PS3 after playing GTA IV on it... i think my Ps3 is fine with Rock Band and Haze Demo atm leave the GTA's to X360 for some Achievements

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