Ken Kutaragi Offers His International Business Skills

Ken Kutaragi Offers His International Business Skills
Ever wonder what PlayStation father Ken Kutaragi is up to? After that messy, messy PS3 launch, Kutaragi was elbowed out of the limelight in favour of Sony Computer Entertainment of America honcho Kaz Hirai. Still connected with Sony Computer Entertainment, Kutaragi no longer works for SCE in any active function.

According to a recent Kadokawa Group Holdings financial statement, Kutaragi will be taking on the role of an outside director, making him on the board of directors. This will be approved at the June 22nd shareholder meeting. Kadokawa Shoten publishes many manga (Lucky Star, Cowboy Bebop) as well as magazines (Newtype). Apparently Kadokawa is hoping to tap into Kutaragi’s international business savvy. M’kay.

As IGN points out, here’s where it gets interesting: Enterbrain is under the Kodokawa Group Holdings umbrella. Enterbrain publishes Famitsu, Japan’s most influential game magazine. Let the conspiracy theories begin!
Ken Kutaragi’s New Digs [Famitsu]

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