Killer Instinct 3 Rumours Fresh From The Mill

This again? Yes, this again. The latest batch of rumours to come from EGM's Quartermann dredges up one we've been hearing for as long as we can remember, one that pegs Rare hard at work on a new Killer Instinct. This one, dubbed Killer Instinct 3D: Death, Destruction and Doom, is said to bring the delightfully goofy fighting game that pits boxers against skeletal pirates, lizardmen against werewolves into the world of 3D.

You know, we've heard something similar to this recently, reminding us of a photo snapped at the Rare offices that touts "finishing moves", 3-player matches and uses ancient Killer Instinct art. It's a photo that makes us think Rare was just having a bit of cruel fun at our expense, as they're wont to do. Time will tell if Killer Instinct 3 is real, but for the meantime you can catch up on all the nasty rumours at 1UP.

Quartermann: Rare Readying New Killer Instinct? [1UP]


    The 90's called, they want their pre-rendered screenshots back.

    It don't look fresh.

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