Killzone 2 Pushed Back For Scheduling Reasons

For those who missed it, Killzone 2 has been pushed back to February 2009. Why the delay? Well, SCEA's Ron Eagle would like you to know it's got nothing to do with any problems or anything going wrong or anything the Killzone 2 dev team may or may not be behind on. No, according to Eagle, that delay's simply down to Sony's holiday release schedule being full-up on shooters:

To be clear, there is nothing wrong or causing a delay to the development of the title. We (SECA) had to look at the fall calendar with SOCOM, LittleBigPlanet, MotorStorm: Pacific Rift, Resistance 2, plus some PSN titles and make a decision where each game should come out. Killzone 2 was moved to Feb 2009 to make sure we didn't have three shooters in the marketplace competing for retail dollars during the same holiday season.

In other words, Resistance, with a big-seller already out on PS3, gets top billing. Makes sense!

SCEA Judges Day: Killzone 2 interview [PlayStation.Blog]


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