Konami Announces "Rock Revolution"

Seems like everyone is jumping on the music rhythm game bandwagon these days and seeing as Konami was somewhat instrumental in starting the whole genre it makes sense that the would come out with their own answer to Guitar Hero and Rock Band. That answer is Rock Revolution. Rock Revolution is mainly centered around the drumming although there will be guitar and bass available as well. There were no guitars in evidence but they were keen to show off their drum kit which features a total of six drum pads and a pedal. They also made sure to show us how quiet the pads themselves were so we could avoid the problem of "annoying family and neighbours with the constant tapping. I'm sure I have NO idea what they were referring to with that...


    I wish I'd've made a comment about something like this yesterday. Then I could say:

    I CALLED IT! I've been wondering lately when someone's gonna announce Rock Band (or similar) for DS (not that you can say Konami stole the idea, they had it in the first place - or did someone else!?) - I always wondered if they'd get vocals in there. Keyboard wouldn't be too hard, and Guitar Hero: On Tour seems to have a reasonable guitar\bass design - though you'd need to either BE Activision, be really careful, be really original, or license it.

    Then again, what will we look like singing into our DS's? Even with a headset... Silly probably.

    Count me in!

    Then again, I hope this idea doesn't get done to death and diluted too much. How's this for hilarity? My captcha says 'Rock expiring'. Freaky coincidence? Or someone at Kotaku Towers messing with my head?

    So you've never heard of Guitar Freaks and Drummania - the KONAMI games that came out 10 years ago - the precursors to GH and Rock Band. Why would KONAMI need to answer those games when those games are an answer to the KONAMI originals? Typical terrible gaming journalism tha doesnt look beyond the US

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