Kung Fu Panda Demo On Xbox Live

Today marks the 25th 35th (oops) anniversary of me popping out of my mother's uterus, and to celebrate, Activision has released a playable demo of the game of the movie Kung Fu Panda for me to play! The 810MB demo features the Jack Black-voiced panda Po taking on the evil forces of the snow leopard Tai Lung. According to Larry Hryb's website, the demo is only available in the US and Canada currently, with other regions getting it closer to the film's release. Kung Fu Panda is due out in theatres in early June in the states, so either they are supremely confident about the quality of the title or figure kids might need something else to play in between bouts of jacking cars and stabbing hookers. Thanks Activision!

Demo: Kung Fu Panda [Xbox Live's Major Nelson]


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