Lego Indiana Jones Site Unearthed

Lego Indiana Jones Site Unearthed

LucasArts has gone all out for the official website of Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures. The flash heavy site is chock full of news, game info, screenshots, concept art, and even a nifty trailer for your enjoyment. The site also contains a nifty little treasure hunt, where you can click on treasures hidden throughout the pages for points to use in the downloads section towards stickers, wallpapers, colouring pages, avatars, and eventually ringtones…though I must admit that I already have the theme saved to my phone. PC Gamers might also want to take note of the Games For Windows hosted demo for the game, due out May 13th. Follow the link below to check out the Indy gaming scene.

Lego Indiana Jones Website []


  • No Nazis and no Nazis make Plasma something something….

    Really, I’m sorry, no matter what way I look at it… Indiana Jones WITHOUT NAZIS is not Indiana Jones. End of story.

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