Let Me Show You The Dragon Balls

The entries are starting to pour in! That's right, we've kicked off our make-Dragon-Balls-win-Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit. Reader iRockTheVote send the above image, writing:

Sorry for the bad quality all I had was a camera phone.

No. Sweat. Dude. Now that we got the inevitable egg entry out of the way, let's get the other inevitable entry out of the way. Reader NMN writes: "This Joke is as old as the dragonball series, and this is the perfect moment to use it. I know there is no chance to win this, but i want to share this with all gamers all over the world. Enter at your own risk......."

Yep. He went there. Contest ends later next month so keep those entries a-comin'. Details here. Remember, you too can win INTERNET FAME.


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