Lies, Damn Lies and PTC Press Releases

The Parent Television Council is apparently making the rounds among newspaper reporters trying to drum up a little attention at the cost of Grand Theft Auto IV and the truth.

Arizona Daily Star reporter Phil Villarreal received one of their emails this morning, asking if he'd be interesting in talking about GTA IV: Liberty City, a game with content "too deplorable and disgusting to describe in detail" which "appeal to the lowest common denominator by actually rewarding criminal activity and offering the gamer everything from a chance to drive drunk to the opportunity to solicit services from a prostitute."

Villarreal, a gamer himself, decided to take the PTC up on their offer and was not-so surprised to find that the council's copy of GTA IV seems to be slightly different from the one the rest of the world received. Among other additions to the PTC's copy of the game: You get points for drunk driving.

Hit up the full interview for all of the new PTC features.

You Get Points for Driving Drunk in this Game [Arizona Star]


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