Madden 09 Does... Mulligans?!

If you thought holographic interfaces were the most exciting addition to Madden NFL 09, think again. In what's sure to be a controversial feature add, EA Sports will be bringing do-overs to its venerable footballer. Don't like how a play went down? Rewind it! Sun in your eyes? Analogue stick too sticky? Rewind it! Branded as the "EA Sports Rewind"—leaving it open as a new feature for all EA Sports games—the mulligan concept is optional and offline only.

We think it's actually a neat little feature, if only for its strategic shutting down of big plays (and big flubs) and allowing for scores to be settled over and over again. Personally, I think EA should add it to the online mode. Oh, wait. There's Madden NFL 2010 to consider. Maybe next year!

Do Over! Madden Mondays Week 6: EA SPORTS REWIND [GameStop Blog]


    Race Driver:Grid also uses the do-over feature, allowing you to restart the action after watching a replay from any point within the 5 second or so replay length. You get a limited number of these per race, depending on difficulty. (based on the demo)

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