Madworld Dev: Wii is Perfect for Black and White, Signposts Are Better Than Daggers

The Wii may not be great for high-resolution graphics, but it's perfect for black and white, or so said Madworld dev Shigneori Nishikawa during an interview with MTV's Stephen Totilo last week.

"For consoles like the 360 and PlayStation 3 the level of high-quality graphics is so extreme. I wanted things to be simpler than that." He said he had been told that he needed to make a Wii game. "We thought about 'What can we do that's new on the Wii?' And we came out the white and black graphics."

Ishikawa goes on to talk about where he came up with the game's signature signpost-through-face move, what sort of music will be the backdrop to all of that over the top killing and his take on violence.

Speaking with the Platinum Games guys last week during their day of announcements, I asked them what Nintendo and the ESRB thought of the game. Their answer: So far, so good. Let's hope it stays that way.

'Madworld' Developer Talks 'Sin City,' Wii Graphics And Signpost-Stabbing Vs. Dagger-Stabbing [MTV Multiplayer]


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