Mass Effect PC Ships, DLC Doesn't Quite Ship

The much-improved PC version of BioWare's Mass Effect shipped on PC today. Should be worth a look not just for PC owners who are yet to play the thing, but for people who already have and would like an all-around...slicker experience. If the free inclusion of the 360's paid DLC - Bring Down the Sky - was going to factor into your purchasing decision, however, you should note that problems with BioWare's "space hamsters" mean it's not quite ready for download just yet. Go register at the page below if you're super-keen, they'll ping you when it's done.

Bring Down the Sky - new downloadable content for Mass Effect coming soon! [BioWare]



    The patience I have for my favorite company.

    'fraid so Questworld. But only on 'different' PC's but let's face it, 'different' these days can be anything from another box to an extra RAM chip.

    According to Chris Priestly this was because one of the web monkey's (or space hamster's?) wife gave birth two weeks early...

    Guess that child just wanted to come out just in time for MEPC?

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