Matt Damon's So Not Interested In Gaming

It's not that Matt Damon doesn't like the action-heavy Bourne game, it seems he just doesn't like video games! Lev Chapelsky from Blindlight says they've tried to get him in games before, but Damon's not all that keen. Blindlight is responsible for helping to put Robert Downey Jr. in the Iron Man game and Edwart Norton into The Incredible Hulk game. According to Chapelsky:

We've been doing this for over eight years — we have more experience in this field than any other company — and by now we've made offers to just about every Hollywood name you can think of... When it comes to Damon, we've [made]several game offers to him over the years and have consistently found that he's not interested in working in the field.

Betcha didn't think of offering Damon a Myst-like puzzle game now did ya?
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