Metal Gear Movie Update

Metal Gear Movie Update

What about that Metal Gear Solid movie? Before the presser started, I talked to Konami’s Aki Saito, who is handling the film negotiations. According to him, the contract is still being worked out. Kojima will not be directing. However, he will be acting as a producer. Says Saito:

Hollywood has great respect for Mr. Kojima. They want to meet with him. Kojima will be acting as a producer, but we don’t know how involved he’ll be as a producer. Often Hollywood adaptations have the original game creator involved at the beginning, but somewhere along the line they fall out of view. This is why it’s very important for us to carefully pick the studio for this project.

Kojima is a great cineaste, and Konami does seem serious about bringing his vision to the screen. Regarding to potential directors, Saito says, “Paul Thomas Anderson is interested.”


  • I only hope that one of this actors get choose to be Snake, Todd Cahoon, Steve Carell or maybe Sam elliot for Old Solid Snake. they look like snake.

  • steve carrell? are you retarded? he’s a comedic actor not a serious drama.
    However, Tom skerritt is almost identical to old looking snake.

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