MGS4 Has 90-Minute Cutscenes

As Metal Gear Solid 4's release date draws near, more and more info about the game's expected to spill out. Some of it from people who have played through the thing already. People who sat through a lotta cutscenes. Some of them up to 90-minutes long. Nintety. Minutes. Sure, you can pause them, and skip them, but ninety minutes? Bring popcorn.

MGS4 has '90 minute' cut-scenes [CVG]


    90 minutes? I dont believe you.

    Is anyone surprised by this?

    It's a fact; the MGS series is no longer a series of games, it's a series of 3D movies animated in real-time with some interactive bits in them.

    I hope Kojima doesn't get into real movies, they would be boring as hell.

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