Microsoft Release Free Game Creator

Last week, Microsoft announced the release of PopFly, a simple program that allows users to create games without the need to know any code. Taking a number of genres as a foundation, PopFly offers a range of templates based on classic arcade games, upon which you can import your own characters, backgrounds, etc. Once done, the games can then be hosted, on stuff like websites, blogs, Facebook pages or even your Vista sidebar. It' Silverlight-only, which is a slight hassle, and is fairly basic, but hey, who said everything on this world had to be perfect?
[Microsoft PopFly]


    I was literally using Flash CS3 about 10 minutes ago, and loving it. But here's my problem: I only have the trial at home. In 30 days, I'll have to do all my flashing at Uni (NPI), and when I'm done there, I'll have to STOP making flash animation, or fork over an insane amount of money for the program. Even the non-CS version is incredibly expensive.

    As much as I loathe Microsoft, sometimes they get it right. If I can make a web program without buying extra software for nine trillion dollars, it's a better alternative at LEAST it one way. I simply *can't afford* Flash at the moment, despite wanting to learn to animate. Even Maya, which is expensive, has a Personal Learning Edition - free for educational use. Flash? You get nothing. Maybe a student discount. If you're a student.

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