Microsoft Responds To GTA Sales, Seems Pleased

Sony boasted of increased hardware sales, GameStop traffic anecdotes and the word of Pach, so what can Microsoft bring to the table in this battle for GTA IV sales supremacy? More anecdotes. Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg has told Next-Gen that "retail partners" are telling them the 360 version not only racked up twice as many pre-orders as the PS3 version, but has been outselling it by the same margin. He also says that, according to the same partners, 360 hardware sales have increased during the week, before urging "we typically wait for NPD to give us a better read on that". You know what? With all these anecdotes flying aroud the place, we might wait too. Thanks.
MS: 360 GTA IV Outselling PS3 Version 2-to-1 [Next-Gen]


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