Microsoft To Start Pulling Underperforming Titles From Live Arcade

Xbox Live is going through some changes. Some might call them growing pains, with an increased file size on Xbox Live Arcade titles and a higher, 1600 Microsoft Point price cap for bigger titles. General manager of Xbox Live Marc Whitten says in an interview with Next-Gen that even more changes are coming. In addition to a "new fully funded 1st party studio which will be focused on high quality digital content creation," Microsoft will begin wiping the "shit" from Live, de-listing titles that underperform with critics and gamers.

According to Whitten, any title that is six months old, with an average Metacritic score below 65 and a demo-to-full conversion ratio below 6%, will be pulled from the service. Concerned parties will be notified three months in advance if a title is going to be pulled.


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