Molyneux Says Fable 2 Follow Up A "Significant Scientific Achievement"

Lionhead's Peter Molyneux is well known for adding a bit of flair to descriptions of his in-development titles, but he's been exercising a bit more restraint when chatting about Fable 2. Fortunately for fans of Molyneux-style hyperbole, the man is back with wide-eyed, reins-off enthusiasm of his own future work. Wired sat down with the Officer of the Order of the British Empire and video game developer and learned that Pete's next game isn't Fable 3.

So what is it? In Molyneux's own words, "I think it's such a significant scientific achievement that it will be on the cover of Wired." Normally hallowed ground for scientific advancements on par with baking an inedible cake in the shape of a Wii, Molyneux thinks that a decade's worth of work on AI, simulation and character interaction is worthy of a cover treatment.

Video game AI advances have already made the cover of Wired—Munch's Oddysee graced the mag's cover in 2002—but Molyneux's photogenic nature and capacity for extensive quoting will surely make for a much interesting return to newsstand prominence.

Peter Molyneux: My Next Game a 'Significant Scientific Achievement' [Wired][Image Credit]


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