More BioShock PS3 Details Emerge From EGM

Did you hear? BioShock is coming to the PlayStation 3. We're totally 100% sure of it, because the announcement made not only the cover of PSM3 magazine, but local favourite EGM as well. BioShock is featured prominently—but not as prominently as Gears of War 2—in the mag's July issue and helps to explain why PSM3 said it's "better on PS3."

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They were probably referring to the inclusion of downloadable content, a fixed widescreen mode and PS3 version specific features that "extend and augment the game." That's all according to a helpful tipster who is already in possession of the issue. EGM speculates that those features are related to Home and we wouldn't be surprised if that's more than just an educated guess on their part.

BioShock Confirmed for PS3 [EGM - thanks, Walter!]


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