More On Pandemic's Lord Of The Rings Game

Pandemic's upcoming Lord of the Rings: Conquest? Oh, it's so pushing my buttons. All of them. Now that I know some more on the project, well, those buttons are being mashed to within an inch of their worthless, plastic little lives. According to lead designer Sean Soucy, not only will the game feature the epic battles from the movie timeline, but also some other, more intriguing set pieces, such as the Battle of the Last Alliance and even the razing of the Shire. Really. Soucy also sheds some light on the game's "vehicles" and weapons, saying that "Horses, wargs, playable trolls and ents, catapults, siege towers and battering rams" are just "some" of the gear you'll be able to command in the game. So great. Conquest is due in the Fall.

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the Game [Crispy Gamer]


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