Mortal Kombat Killers

As previously noted, a 7 year-old girl is dead, and two teens are being tried as adults. A Colorado judge ruled last Friday that there was enough evidence to take Lamar Roberts, 17, and Heather Trujillo, 16, for child abuse resulting in the death of Trujillo's half-sister, Zoe Gracia. Both will be tried as adults. According to authorities, Gracia died after being kicked, hit and pounded on the floor as the two teens re-enacted Mortal Kombat. Roberts pushed Zoe, twisted the child's arms and held her ankles, according to Trujillo. Police Detective Kathy Halldorson said that Roberts told a friend, "he was doing martial arts on her (Zoe) and that his hands were registered weapons." Odd that this Mortal Kombat finger pointing continues in light of comments from Gracia's aunt, who claims video games do not factor into this killing. Tasteless fatality jokes and worrying about how-this-affects-games aside, this is a terrible, terrible tragedy.

Mortal Kombat Killing [The Denver Channel Thanks, Michael!]


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