New PSP Colour, Only In Special Madden Bundle

Sony have just announced that on August 12, they'll be releasing a special PSP hardware bundle, built around this year's handheld version of Madden. For $US 200, you'll get Madden 09, "NFL: In Just One Play" on UMD, a voucher to download the excellent Beats from the PlayStation Store, a 1GB memory stick and, most importantly, a new "Metallic Blue" PSP. The colour's a bit so-so for me (I'm still thinking about summery drinks), but for $US 200, that's a deal so sweet we've gotta use italics. Pic of the full bundle follows.


    I've had a metallic blue PSP since last April when they brought it out in Japan, mind you that was the PSP fat, not the new slim. Hori made some nice colour matched flip top screen protectors too, makes it look like a DSP.

    Wonder if the colour will come out in Australia?

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