Next Week, Europe Gets A Proper PS Store Update

Europeans are sick of crummy PlayStation Store updates, I'm sick of writing about them. So it's lucky for the lot of us that next week, we get a temporary reprieve. To celebrate the PlayStation Day event being held in London on May 6, Sony have promised that next week the European store will be updated not once, but twice. The first round of content, including a Haze demo, will hit on May 6, with a second round (which includes a Race Driver: GRID demo) due on May 8.

06 May - PLAYSTATION Store (PS3) Game Demos:

* Condemned 2
* Haze

Full Games:

* Blast Factor Advanced
* High Velocity Bowling
* Street Skater

Expansion Packs:

* Blast Factor Advanced Research
* High Velocity Bowling Character - Mike


* Buzz! Quiz TV
* Secret Agent Clank
* Siren Blood Curse

06 May - PLAYSTATION Store (PC)
Full Games:

* Street Skater


* Siren Blood Curse

08 May - PLAYSTATION Store (PS3)
Game Demos:

* Bourne Conspiracy
* Race Driver: GRID

Expansion Packs:

* Army of Two
* Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock - Def Leppard Track Pack
* Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock - Muse Track Pack


* Echochrome Apple
* Play Compilation
* Press Conference

06 May = PlayStation Day: two Store updates coming next week! [PlayStation Boards]


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