Nintendo: Our Online Is Not For You

Do you hate Nintendo's online setup for the Wii? OK if you do. It's too slow, too cumbersome, too...impersonal. But that's OK! Because it's not for people like us. NoA's Eric Walter explains:

Different services do things differently. Nintendo's three goals for Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection are to make the service free, easy and safe. These goals are there not just for young players, but also older ones and new players. Nintendo is bringing a lot of new people into the world of video games, and we want to reduce barriers while making the online experience as enjoyable as possible.

Close, Eric. Close. Think you mean "different services do things better".
Online Enn-Wii [1UP]


    I have to say that regardless that I own a Wii and have a high attach rate and would buy stock in the company. I do not find the online aspect very good, perhaps that is an understatement, it is not good.

    1) Wii is 'always' online, but updates are manual regardless it could have downloaded while I was asleep

    2) The shop, updates and others are slow, unreasonably slow compared to what must be coming down the pipe. I have rationalised this has meaning they have some deep integrity checking going on so nothing stuffs up. Even so, I imagine Apple Update does too and it is not what one must endure for a Wii update.

    3) I have been enjoying Mario Kart, lots of fun, the online seems to make a lot of sense, well thought through, really like the ghost data. Yet... A friend bought it in another city and here we are mobile to mobile negotiating being 'friends'. You can't make friends with other people you random race with, you can't race with a friend in a random race only with your friend. You can't even communicate with your friend. It was a strange experience sitting in a room with your mate and you can't actually communicate.

    To be honest, the understanding of community and communication at Nintendo is just non-existent. Family friendly, sure, important, no argument. Just let me have some choice.

    Nintendo has got many things right. Community and communication, I don't think they learned those words.

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