No Carmen Electra in Wii Stripper Pole Game?

Of course, that assumes there will even be a Wii stripper pole game. Peakaboo Pole Dancing says it's in talks with developers and publishers but, you know, "talks" doesn't exactly mean "deal." But Peakaboo, to MTV Multiplayer, confirmed that the sensuous Ms. Carmen Electra probably will not have any role on this pole, despite an announcement that implied she might.

Additionally, [Peakboo Rep Simon]Kay said the game probably won't involve Carmen Electra. When I asked if Electra was ever asked to be involved in the first place, the response was no. But is there a chance she could be involved in the future? "Unlikely... but not impossible," Kay said.

I think Peakaboo is going about this all wrong. Instead of developing a stripper pole ostensibly for women to exercise, what it needs to do is create Wii Lapdance Seat for male gamers. That would sell. While your dancer avatar gyrates on the screen, you have to keep your hands on the armrests at all times, and the Wiimote, affixed to your head, assures that you stare ashamedly at her naked body while never making eye contact.

Wii Pole Dancing Intended for Fitness, Fun for Men and Women [MTV Multiplayer]


    You should have seen my face when I misread the name in title of the post as 'Carmen Sandiego'. I lost a little bit of my childhood.

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