No Madden 09 On PC? Blame Pirates

So, why was it PC owners aren't getting a version of Madden this year again? Oh, yes, of course. Piracy. EA Sports boss Peter Moore explains:

Piracy's a big issue on the PC. I can't turn a blind eye to the fact that it's very difficult for us...and we lose money making a game. At some point, I have an obligation not to bring out products that lose money.

OK, developers, we get the idea. Piracy is an issue with the PC games market. It's also obviously a new trend, and has in no way been affecting the market for, oh, the last 20 years, so we believe your excuse wholeheartedly.
Interview: A Sporting Man: EA's Peter Moore [GameDaily]


    Does it really cost more to create boxes and CD's than you get in return for the PC? Sounds fishy to me. It's not like your developing it from scratch.

    And what do they really lose? Will they will make 100 million now instead of 99 million? All at the expense of pissing off fans who do enjoy the game.

    It's horse crap, I don't buy it, and no more EA games for me.

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