"Non-Games Are For Non-Gamers"

Frustrated with the current gaming climate? Alex Kierkegaard at website Insomnia sure as shit is. He's got a biting (and often nasty) take on the sales situation in Japan. I quite like Kierkegaard and appreciate what he does with Insomnia, which has a very strong focus on Japanese games and developers I love like Cave. Here's a snippet from his rant:

And I ask: Does no one else realise that all this rubbish is pushing out of the charts legitimate games, which could use the extra exposure? And if we allow dictionaries and restaurant guides on our game charts, why not allow other generic software applications? MS Office, for example. Or Photoshop or Oracle or even Windows Vista. I mean if we open the floodgates there won't be any space left on our charts for anything other than a Final Fantasy or a Grand Theft Auto — and at the end of the day Windows Vista is far more of a game (with its included Minesweeper, FreeCell and Solitaire), it's far more fun to fuck around with, than any shitty Japanese "fashion guides" or "language learning" apps. So let's just park Vista at the top of our charts then for the next five or so years and call it a fucking day.

He does have a some good points for his argument, which often get mired in emotion. It's worth a read — though, some might get their feelings hurt. Non-Games [Insomnia via GameSetWatch via DS Fanboy]


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