NVIDIA Boss Weeps For PC Piracy

NVIDIA's Roy Taylor is not, as you can probably hazard a guess, a fan of piracy in the PC games market. So much so that, while speaking with Eurogamer, he's made an impassioned plea, employing the language of the youth of today in order to get his point across:

I think that we've arrived at a point now where I don't know how anyone could ever possibly justify pirating a game. I just don't know how anyone could consider that a cool thing to do - it's not. It sucks.

It's not "regrettable". It's not "unfortunate". It sucks! The point of this spiel? To advocate a tightening of authentication measures, of course, such as those being employed by the upcoming Mass Effect port, as well as the idea of games being sold as a "basic service", with all future content, patches, etc, being made available only to those with authentic copies of a game.

NVIDIA bombards PC game pirates [Eurogamer]


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