Offset The Evil Website Taken Down, Has Too Many Ponies

ote_1.jpgOh, that oddly sweet yet secretly deranged website Sega had up to promote Condemned 2 wasn’t so bad. Sure, a dark heart of pure malice pumped raw nasty underneath its sugary exterior, but that was part of the fun! Right?

Sadly, the mixed nature of the site, combined with the use of imagery that closely resembles Hasbro’s My Little Pony brand, has brought a stop to Sega’s shenanigans. According to this SMH story, the games publisher was asked to bring down the Offset the Evil website as Hasbro didn’t want consumers to confuse the hobo-smashing message of the site with its cute and mostly harmless kid’s brand.

A representive from Sega said the company didn’t realise how closely matched the images were. It has stated the site will return in short order, once minor changes are made. You can read the full story beyond the link.

Phoney pony website axed after ‘evil’ game link revealed [, thanks Brett]


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